Integrations and Security πŸ”‘

At zubbit we take the topic of security and how we integrate with other platforms very seriously. The way we go about those integrations gives our users the maximum security using our platform but also the neatest integrations into those sites.

Okay so what do we mean by that?


A lot of the other Link Management services like ours that allow you to create visual Call-to-Action links with 3rd-party content do it in a very loosely coupled way which means you don't always get the best look and feel from the content you want to share. And to be honest some of them look really awful!

One great example of this is video πŸ“Ί

Most other platforms don't even support video but the ones that do only tend to support the widescreen 16:9 format. So that means for instance if you wanted to share a portrait/vertical video you'd end up with a very thin video with two thick sidebars next to it. They look awful!!! 😠😠

So the way we've gone about integrating video is we will support ALL common video ratios. So for example as you can see from the example to your right, we support one of the most up and coming Vertical (9:16) ratio formats. Click on the image for a live example.

BOOM these look great πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

We support all the common formats of video and not just video content from YouTube either, we've added support for video content from Vimeo, Dailymotion and most recently from Twitch, and they all look fantastic in any video ratio you want to use.

But it's not just Video, we also support Audio content from audio platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and we also let you use that Audio content in a number of really cool looking formats. Plus we also support content from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Kickstarter. All these have all been done in away that makes that content look really fantastic on your zubbit Call-to-Action.

There are few other platforms that support any content from these sites and the ones that do it tend to do it in a very basic way. Take a look at the front end of our website for lots of live examples of how we've knitted these platforms in neatly into zubbit to give the best user experience.


When it comes to security we take this topic 100% seriously

So we not only take the security of our servers and application seriously but in terms of how we allow integrations into our platform.

So the big thing we don't allow - which many sites do - is for our users to copy and paste any unvalidated custom script into zubbit. Many services do it as a cheap and quick way of allowing 3rd party content integrations but that is leaving them wide open to be hacked with malicious scripts BUT also means hackers can use their platforms to share content with embedded malicious scripts.

Now that is really really bad and leaves those platforms wide open to abused and also the risk of having their server IP's blocked and with it all your content!!!

If you are using a Link Management service which is allowing custom scripts onto their platform then you should seriously think about leaving that service!

So we don't allow any unvalidated and unrecognised scripts onto zubbit and all the integrations we've added to zubbit are all tightly coupled to those 3rd party content suppliers like YouTube, Facebook etc.

It also means as we've said above that we can get the maximum look and feel and user experience because we've coded zubbit to work directly with those platforms and their content.


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