How Does zubbit Keep its Price so Low?

A common question we get asked when people see our pricing model is, how does zubbit keep its price so low?

Well that's a great question and we just love telling people the answer because we are really proud of what we've done and why we did it.

When we started zubbit we wanted to develop it along a lean-startup approach keeping our costs as low as possible. Initially, we did this just to lower our startup costs and lower our risk, but the main benefit was we could pass on that cost reduction to our customers.

So we set up zubbit right from day one in a way that our costs were super-low and our ongoing costs were going to be super-low. By doing that we've been able to pass on a massive cost saving to our customers.


1) Zero Office Costs - We run a 100% remote employee model so when you subscribe to zubbit you are not paying for an expensive office, maintenance costs, cleaning costs, electricity and water costs. Running a trendy office in a trendy location might be fun buts it's dammed expensive and we don't want to pass on any of that cost to our customers.

2) Low Employment Costs – With an office usually comes the need to hire people into various roles you don't need in a remote model. We also invest heavily in automating all our processes so we can operate with a fraction of the employees that many of our competitors have.

3) Value for Money Pricing – As well as simply lowering our operating costs, we also wanted to price our product as a true reflection of the cost of delivering that service. I'm going to be frank and say many of our competitors are simply way overpriced and we didn't want to operate like that.

4) Yearly Pricing Model – One of the key things we did was to switch to a yearly pricing model. This really improves our cash-flow which allows us to drop the price even more. Many people come to us and say, are you sure this is not the monthly price!

We know how tough it is to start up a new company or run an existing company and the key to it is cost-control. So we wanted to supply a feature-rich service at a super competitive price that would let you get the maximum benefit from our service BUT at a very affordable price.

The thing we also wanted to do was make sure our customers weren't sucked into a model of starting on a platform and 6-12 months later when you need more capacity or more features, you end up paying lots more.

We didn't want to do that, so we give you masses of features for $99 and with virtually no limits on usage. So no tiers and secret upsell to unlock the capacity on the platform. Sound good? 😊

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