Does zubbit Affect My SEO/Page Rank?

As a publisher of content that members from zubbit share then you might ask or wonder if zubbit affects your SEO/Page Ranking.

Well the answer to that is, certainly not! We make sure that we behave properly and preserve your website's search engine optimization. We just want our members to share your great content BUT not take your SEO juice.

We do this through the use of Canonical Headers which are essentially identifiers that tell Google, Bing and other Search Engines do not recognize as the owner of the content, and rather forward all of the SEO credit to the content site not to zubbit.

So for example, if you create a CTA Link using content from, the CTA Link might look like When Google or Bing etc. visits it doesn’t give any credit to zubbit for any links or SEO, instead, it gives all the credit to and effectively ignores zubbit.

So the end result is you get lots of great traffic from our zubbit members and readers but you get to keep all the hard-earned SEO Juice! Win-Win! So lots more people get to see your great content and you get lots more SEO juice to your site than you had before. So keep that great content coming!


If your interested in how we achieve this on a technical level, we use rel=”canonical” link HTTP headers. Google details how they work on their blog:

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So increase traffic, sales and conversions with

by adding a branded call-to-action and retargeting pixels to every link you share